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Monday, May 3, 2010

House Guests

I got most of my things moved over to the new house this weekend. The treadmill was too big to get out of the door, I'll have to take it apart and bring it over later. I also need to get the canoe and a few other misc. things that we didn't bring over on moving day. Ryan drove the Uhaul over and I drove the Xterra with Morgan. I had him in the carrier but he was freaking out and it opened and he fell out on the driveway before I got to the truck. After that experience he wasn't going to go back in the carrier for another try. I had to put him in the loaded truck and make the hour plus drive. He was so upset, he was climbing in, around, and on top of all the stuff and making the worst noises. Each meow noise was like 6-7 seconds long and at all kinds of different pitches. Plus he was panting really hard too. I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack. It was a really stressful ride for me too. I was having my new furniture delivered too. The delivery people got there and had to wait 55 minutes for me. While Morgan was all over the car freaking out, the guy kept calling me asking how much longer. I bought a living room set and another set for the loft / movie room. The upstairs set is a couch, love seat and this big 1 1/2 size chair that I put in my bedroom. The store gives you 7 days to change your mind once it's in the home. I went back to the store tonight to look again and see if there's anything I would rather have, there wasn't. I'm happy with what I got.

New House